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Prepared on 3.12.2020


Name: Kokkolan Nahka Oy

Postal address: Kourujärventie 10

Post code: 67100

City: Kokkola

Business ID: 0179124-6

Contact person

Name: Mirva Kenttämies

Telephone number: +358 (0)40 7307106

Email address:

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that the browser (Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc.) save on your computer or mobile device. They are used for collecting user data or settings, enabling the websites that save, read, and write them to identify individual users and follow their interests or navigation.

Cookies in our website

Our website uses Functional Cookies that help us make navigation on the site smoother, quicker and safer, and Statistical cookies to collect general statistical data on traffic on the website that will be used for developing the website.

Statistical cookies

We use Google Analytics and following cookies for collect general statistical data:

_ga         (24 Months,  Used to distinguish users)

_gid        (24 hours,  Used to distinguish users)

This data is anonymised, meaning it cannot be linked to individual users.

We never use cookies without your permission for collecting personal data, or other sensitive data or convey your personal data to third parties such as advertising networks.

How do I manage cookies?

You can control or disable cookies from your settings in our cookie notice. Please note that disabling cookies will have a significant impact on the functioning of the website, and consequently also on your experience of navigating the website.